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23rd Sept

We have just added some new bears to both our Wild Bears page and Old Time Teds page, we hope you like them. We're going to do two bear fairs on Sunday which will be a challenge, one at The National Motorcycle Museum and the other in the NEC, both venues are just off the M42 near Birmingham so we believe we can manage it, time will tell.


2nd June 2009

As you can see we're front page news in the Dutch teddy bear magazine Poppen & Teddy-Beer, it's a great and unexpected honour, quite a surprise when we received it in the post. We'll be going to Bruges(Brugge) in the middle of August for the bear and doll show, it would be great to see you there, we're really looking forward to it.

There are lots of new bears on the new bears page and a happy, colourful, summery look to the website, we hope you like it. We'll be adding some new Old Time Teds in the next day or so and will update this page and the home page when they're online, so please check back then.

Don't forget it's Stratford this weekend, the Teddy Bear Artist Event it promises to be a great show as it was last year, so if you can get there please do, we'd love to see you there.


Fiery Fred as seen in Poppen and Teddy Beer


We hope you have noticed all the new bears that we have added to the website over the past few weeks, we forgot to put a note on this page, we have also got a 10% sale on our traditional bears until the end of the month, so please take advamtage of it.
The fairs page has now been updated to show our 2009 fairs, we have noticed that a few dates clash so we'll have to see if we are able to attend both fairs, otherwise we'll have to make decisions about which fair to attend.

9th December 2008

There are some new bears on the wild bears page, two very colourful fellows and three rather more restrained and respectable chaps, we hope you like them. This coming Sunday we'll be at the NEC near Birmingham for a huge toy collectors' fair, with over 600 tables, it promises to be a great day and we hope we find time to have a look around ourselves.

18th November 2008

We've just added some new traditional bears to the Old Time Teds page which are also available as kits or patterns, we introduced these at the Crafts for Christmas show in Birmingham at the weekend where they proved very popular. We'll be at the British Bear Fair in Hove this coming Sunday, home to the British Bear Artist Awards, so it's always worth a visit, it's a nice day by the sea too for those family members not keen on bears, plenty of exciting shops in nearby Brighton too.

We've arranged with Sean at the Bear Garden in Rye to do a two day special Christmas event on 20th and 21st December, just in time for buying late Christmas presents. Rye's a lovely medieval town with lots of independent shops, cafes, restaurants and antique markets, plus forts, cobbled streets, haunted ancient pubs and smugglers lairs.


We're just back from the EuroTeddy Fair in Essen, Germany, 5 bears found new homes including one which was sold before we had a chance to photograph, you should have seen it, it was wonderful. We have added a couple of new little bears to the website today, to go with the two we added last week, these can all be seen on our wild and wacky bear page bears page . This week we'll be busy sewing and stuffing in readiness for the fairs we're doing in Guildford and Kelham next Sunday, so we'll be splitting up, the wild bears will be going to Guildford and the Old Time Teds, mohair and patterns etc will be going to Kelham Hall, see our fairs page for more details.

16th October

We've just added one scruffy, little bear to the Old Time Teds page, he's called Mostyn and he's a real sweetheart. We'll be attending our most local fair near Dartford on Sunday at the Inn on the Lake, it's a mixed teddy and craft show so there should be plenty to see for all the family, it's also close to Lakeside, Europe's biggest shopping centre, so you deposit any non-arctophiles, or you could enjoy both.

12th October

We've been working on some new designs for new bears which you can see both on our wild and wacky bear page bears page and another is on our traditional old time teds page, we hope you'll like them. In the period before Christmas we're going to many fairs up and down the country so please look at our fairs date page and see if we're coming to a town near you.

29 Sept 2008

We have added some new bears to the website today, some are the wild and wacky creations that you'd expect and others are traditional old time teds, we hope you'll like them too.

4th May 2008

The organisers at the show in Biggleswade tomorrow phoned us to suggest we didn't attend as there would not be many bear stands there, so we won't be going, we'll stay here and make bears instead.
Since we moved at the end of January we haven't had much time to make bears, for which we apologise and those we have made have been bought at bear fairs before we had a chance to put them on the website. We are currently working on commissions and orders for shops, we hope to have new bears ready for our shows in two weeks in Exmouth and a bigger selection for the Artist Bear show in Stratford upon Avon in June, which we're quite excited about. We're happy to take on commissions should you have a special request just let us know.

29th Jan 2008

We have just updated the Fair Dates page, the first one is at Kelham Hall on 17th February.

29th Jan 2008

Happy New Year! We're on the move, on 1st February we'll be in our new home, we'll update all the contact details once we have our internet connection up and running, which could take up to 2 weeks.

20th Nov

Diane at Bear Paths has added our bears to her artists page on her website, you can see them by clicking here . I (Andy) am off to sunny Cornwall at the weekend to attend the bear fair in Lostwithiel, Barbara's staying behind at home to look after the cats, we also have a table at the show at the Motorcycle Museum in Bickenhall, Elanor of Shantock Bears is looking after this for us, she won't have any of our bears, she'll be taking our mohair and her own lovable creations.

12th Nov 2007

We have just finished updating the website, so all the new bears, a rabbit and a dragon are there for you to see, please use the links on the left. Several of the bears have already been adopted or reserved.

11th Nov 2007

Today we're updating the website with our new bears and a new rabbit, it will take a while to add all the pages but we thought you might like to see the work in progress so have a look at our new Autumn Frost Collection on pages 1 and 2.

7th Nov 2007

It's been a while since we added some new bears to the website but it won't be long now, all the new bears have been photographed and they'll be on view in the next few days.

7th Nov 2007

We have just added a lot of new hand dyed mohair to the Norbeary Fabrics website and we will shortly be adding some vintage mohair that we bought in Germany recently, this mohair is so good that it has inspired us to make a few old style bears from it too, so stand by for more details.

9th Oct 2007

We've just been given two tables at the Rochester Teddy Bear show this Sunday, 14th October, our local show in Kent, we'll be bringing bears, kits and mohair. We're in Pudsey the day before and it would be great to see you at either show.

3rd Oct 2007

Bear Paths online bear fair starts today at 7.00pm EST, they have three of our bears, Mr. Mustard Seed, Maple Jack and Ludwig, who you can see on the right. Please click on the photo to see the bigger picture.

Please visit the Bear Paths website to see Diane's photos which are always fantastic and more details of the bears.

Mister Mustrad Seed, Maple jack and Ludwig

2nd Oct 2007

We had a great day at the Pink Party in the beautiful and historic city of Bath. Our big traditional bear Wolsley found a new home and Sue from the Party Bears kept three bears for the shop, Blushing Belinda, Magnus and Millie Mallow. Please contact Sue for more details by clicking on this link here .

Blushing Belinda
Blushing Belinda

17th Sept 2007

We have recently added some new hand dyed mohair to the Norbeary Fabrics website, you can see it by clicking here

17th Sept 2007

The second part of the Autumn Collection has just been published, if you can see it by clicking here.

16th Sept 2007

The first part of the Autumn Collection is now on the website, please follow the link on the left to see it, or click here. The second part is on the website but we haven't completed the bears' individual pages yet, hopefully we'll do that later today.

4th Sept

We had a good fair in London on Sunday but still have some new bears to add to the website, so there'll be something new very soon, it takes  a few days to photograph them all and make the new collection but stand by. We have just booked a stand at the Allbears festival near Frankfurt on 28th October, so if you live nearby why not come and see us.

26th Aug 2007

We are currently working on several new bears in readiness for the Hugglets fair at Kensington Town Hall on Sunday 2nd September, these are the first bears we've made for a long time as Barbara has needed to undergo a course of physiotherapy and rest. It's the best fair of the year and well worth a visit.

14th July 2007

The Norbeary fabrics website is now up and running, to see it please click here . We hope to be making some more bears soon, in time for the bear fairs in Exbury on 5th April and the biggest fair of the year in Kensington on 2nd September, we'll have Barbara-Ann Bears and Norbeary Bears stands at both events, which should keep us busy.

26th April 2007

So what have we been up to the last couple of months? Well we've both had bouts of illness and incapacity which has just about stopped the bear making, Barbara still has pains in her forearm which might mean the number of bears we make in the future could be greatly reduced.

We are now the proud owners of Norbeary Fabrics, having just taken over from Ralph and Gloria Norbury, we are really pleased to have had this opportunity to take over the reins of this prestigious business. We haven't set up a new website yet, you can see most of the mohair on their website page . There are over 140 different mohairs, plus paw materials, new patterns and kits. Consequently we need more space, so our house is now on the market, if you would like a lovely 3-4 bedroom home in Hythe, with big gardens and a studio please contact us.

We have also taken over the Norbeary Fabrics fair dates, please see our new dates on our fair dates page. Unfortunately we won't be able to attend all the dates that Norbeary fabrics were due to attend as we have prior bookings elsewhere and being in two places at the same time isn't something we've mastered yet, although we are working on it.

We have also been busy in setting up the British Teddybearmakers Guild as part of the British Toymakers Guild. We have had a very good response and it will help us to promote ourselves and our work across the world, at Teddy Bear Fairs and Toy Fairs as well as in the magazines. So if you're a British Teddy Bear Maker, or know one, please get in touch.

21st February 2007

Hello again, it's been a long time without any news, sorry about that. We've been to and returned from Florida, we weren't eaten by alligators and we just avoided the terrible tornadoes by a couple of days. Quite a lot of our bears found new homes while we were away and we're now working on some new ones in time for the big bear fair in Kensington next Sunday, we hope we'll see you there, if you can't make it we hope to put some of our new bears on the website next week, plus some new mohair and cards. We've had some email and computer problems recently, so if you haven't had a reply to an email it might not have reached us or our reply might not have reached you. We've now changed all the email and contact us links on the website and please use these to get in touch with us, or phone us, it's always nice to hear from people.

8th January 2007

Firstly, Happy New Year. We're busy making bears in readiness for our big fair in Orlando, Florida which is only just over a week away now. We were sent a new photo of a Beau T Bear made from Barbara's mohair which you can see here . There are also two new cards on the cards page, these are piggy cards after all the year of the pig starts in February, if you'd like to see them they're here. The available mohair page isn't up to date at the moment as we're using quite a lot of it for the new bears, we'll try and get this up to date as soon as possible.

30 December

We have just updated our Fair Dates Page with our 2007 fairs, starting in Florida in January

17 December

After weeks of cloudy, rainy, windy days we finally made it out into the sunshine yesterday to photograph all the new bears on the beach, to see them please click on the links on the left or here .

5 December

We have just added all our available hand dyed mohair to the website, you can see it on these two pages page 1 and page 2

30 November

6 bears went to Asquiths Teddy Bear shop today, Asquiths is one of the oldest British teddy bear shops and Joan herself (who owns the shop)is one of the first British Teddy Bear artists . We'll be at her shop in Henley on Thames just before Valentines day for a bear signing and selling bears to the great romantics who feel there is no better way to express their love than with a Barbara-Ann Bear (we'll also be selling bears to normal people too).


We got our two bears back from The Teddy Bear Club International today, these are Klaus and Bauble, they're two very christmassy bears, Klaus being red and white, while Bauble is more like a Christmas tree, green with splashes of red and gold.

28 November

Well haven't we been busy, lots of new bears, a Christmassy theme in time for Christmas, new cards and gift tags and even a new kit, called Klaus. Please follow the links on the left or the underlined words above to see what we've been up to. We're sorry we weren't well enough to travel down to Cornwall at the weekend, apparently there's a lot of it about and you wouldn't have wanted it had we given it to you. On a sad note we've just found out that Merrythought, the last British teddy bear and toy manufacturer, has gone into liquidation, for the full story please look at their website .

15 November

Well the sun shone and despite a brisk breeze we managed to get down to camber Sands beach and take some photos of the new bears, you can see these in our Autumn Collection on pages 1 and 2

14 November

We've added a new kit to our kits page today, called Muggins . We have several new bears to add to the website, but the dull, drizzly and windy weather is making the photography a bit difficult, anyone would think it was the middle of November with weather like this , if the sun doesn't cooperate tomorrow it looks like we'll have to use flash photography and a little imagination instead.

9 November

More bears have been added to our Autumn Collection today, some more have gone to The Bear Garden in Guildford which you can see on their website. Two more bears and a very bright dragon have gone to Typhoon, these can be seen on our website in the Autumn Collection. We're working on some new bears, kits and mohair now for the show at the NEC, Birmingham (England not Alabama) on Sunday.

1 November

We have added some new bears to our Autumn Collection , we had a good fair at Alexandra Palace at the weekend, several of our newest bears went to shops, Poco Maison in Japan had five bears, Abracadabra had four bears, Marsha chose two before they were finished, so you'll have to visit their website to see them, Maria at Typhoon also took three bears, we'll add these to this website in the next day or two we just have to sort out their photos and names. We're making new bears now for the Bear Garden birthday party in Guildford on Sunday (5 November) which is also the 16th birthday of Barbara-Ann Bears, so it looks like cakes all round.

15 October

We have updated our Autumn Collection, we have added several new bears and moved the bears that have already been adopted to the September 2006 page in our Old Bears Gallery . We're off to Germany this Friday so if you see something you like please contact us before we leave.

11 October

We added some new bears to our September Collection today.

4 October

We have just made an old bears section to the website, this is where previous bear collections can be quickly found plus a selection of bears made over the last few years. Although most of the bears have long been adopted it might give you some ideas for requesting a new bear to be made for you.

27 September

We have just updated our mohair pages with 34 pieces of mohair, in 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 metre pieces, please click here or here to see them.

23 September

We have updated the website today with lots of new bears and two dragons. 3 of them have gone to a new stockist called Typhoon, the shops details can be found on our stockist page and the bears' individual pages. The Bear Garden also has several new bears which you can find on their website and some have also gone to Asquiths in Eton and Poco in Osaka .

25 August

I have almost finished a new website for Yorkshire bear artists Pauline and Charlotte Wood, who trade as Valewood Bears, you can see their website by clicking here. We're still both working hard towards the Kensington Fair on 3rd September, so much to do, so little time...

20 August

We have received our copy of the German magazine Bär Report, which has a little article about us and the pattern and instructions for Brouhaha.

16 August

We have just received our copy of the Australian magazine Homespun, in which you will find an article about us and a pattern to make Muggins, we believe the magazine is available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

12 August

We have added a new bear to the website Muggins which you can see by clicking here , we are very busy working on new bears in readiness for the big fair in Kensington at the beginning of September, we also have lots of new mohair to put on the website, unfortunately the weather hasn't been good enough to take any photos.

31 July

New bears and dragons were added to the website which you can see by clicking here .

25th July

The Bear Garden in Guildford has 9 new bears which you can see on their website here . We took a lot of photos at the beach last week of some new bears and we should be putting these on the website in the next few days.

14th June

We have just added two new pages to show the hand dyed mohair that we available for sale at the moment, you can see the two pages here and here.

8th May

We have taken some new bears to Bears Galore in Rye today, we'll put the details on the website soon. I have also just finished a website for a friend Chloe Wilson of Dusty Attic Bears which you can see by clicking here.

27th April

We're off to Germany tomorrow for the Teddy Total fair, we have a booth in the South Hall near the cafe. We'll have lots of mohair and kits, plus several new bears, six bears have been adopted in the last couple of days so we're running a little low, stand by for new bears in the next week or so, if you have any ideas or suggestions (positive and polite ones please) now is the time to contact us. Our phone will be manned by Jenny for the next few days, who'll be looking after our house and cats, we won't be able to reply to any emails before Tuesday 2nd May. We've also been asked to write an article for a bear magazine about the Teddy Total Fair, more details to follow, after all they might not like it.

17th April

We had a good fair at Portsmouth today, Barbara wasn't well enough to go which was a shame as she missed out on seeing Forget-Me-Not Bears who were making a rare visit back to England. Marsha from Abracadabra made a special visit to see them and bought three of our bears too which will shortly be appearing on her website, we're looking forward to seeing the beautiful photos, you can visit the Abracadabra Teddy Bears website by clicking here .

11th April

New bears were added to the web site today, some of them are in new shops for us in Lincoln and North Berwick, our first shop in Scotland for a few years. To see the new bears please click here

21st March

We regret that our health is no better so we won't be able to attend this Saturday's fair at Pudsey.

18th March

We regret that owing to illness we won't be able to go to the fair at the Motorcycle Museum tomorrow. We've now sold nearly all of our bears in the Spring Collection with 12 bears going to the Bear Garden and a further 18 going to Poco Maison in Japan. You will find links on the bears' pages to take you to the relevant websites. New bears will be coming soon when we feel a bit better.

9th March

We've just added a new kit called a Pugwangler, now if you don't know what a Pugwangler is you'd better click here to find out. We're off to Wiesbaden at the weekend with new kits, lots of hand dyed mohair, all the bears that appear as available on the website, plus lots of new little bears, maybe we'll see you there.

6th March

We've just updated the website with new bears which now form our Spring Collection . We hope you like them, we've been working on some new designs which went down very well at Kensington to such an extent that we only had one new little bear in a new design left, so we're busy making some more this week in readiness for the fair in Wiesbaden. We're also working on a new kit, getting some more hand dyed mohair ready and on a new design for an Australian Magazine, more of which later. We've also updated our Fair Dates page .

27th February

We had a really good day at the Hugglets fair in Kensington, London yesterday apart from the bears that found new homes with our collectors some of our bears went to Asquiths in Eton, Just Bears in Swansea and Allsorts in Cromer, Norfolk. We tried out a new range of smaller bears (6-8"/15-20 cm) most of which have now gone, so we'll have to make some more. We hope we'll be able to get out and take some photos of the bears we have available at the moment, (yes it's been a long time since we had some new bears on the website, we're sorry about that) we're just worried about getting hypothermia while we're out in the bitter wind. If you'd like to know as soon as new bears are put on the website why not join our emailing list, then you'll be among the first to know.

23rd January

4 bears are going to Just Bears at Inspirations in Swansea today, Suzanne has moved to a new and better location in Swansea just 200 yards from her previous location. The bears are, Kathy Kandy, Polly Poppet, Sasha and Netty Nibbles. We recently found out that our guestbook wasn't available, it is again now and we'd love to see some new entries in it, you might like to see the old ones so please use the link on the left to go to the guestbook.

18th January 2006

The fairs page has been updated to show that the Bears and Dolls show that was previously in the NEC, Birmingham is to be held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, we have also added a new fair, for trade visitors only, the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate, which will be full of exciting high quality crafts.

16th January 2006

We have several new bear designs to make, unfortunately our time has been spent with more mundane household matters, the whole central heating system needed replacing, which left the house in a dusty state of turmoil and it's taken us several weeks to get it straight and clean(ish).
We have recently had news that the bear fairs in Weston Super Mare have been cancelled as well as the August fair in Switzerland.

17th December 2005

15 bears and the dragon Hortense added to the second page of the Christmas 2005 collection, which you can see by clicking on the links on the left.

16th December 2005

The website has been updated today with 16 new bears, we still have 13 new bears to add plus 3 from previous collections who are feeling a little unloved.

24th November 2005

Unfortunately we're both ill at the moment and although we do have quite a few bears available we're not well enough to photograph them and put them on the website, sorry, as soon as we're well enough we'll have the new bears on the website, please keep checking back or join our emailing list to get the news immediately the site's updated. On a more positive note we have new bears at Bears Galore, The Bear Garden, Just Bears and Poco Maison (in Japan). Bear Paths have 4 bears which will be available from 28th November when they are holding a big Christmas web show. Please use the links on our Stockists pages to track them down.

30th September 2005

The hand dyed mohair pages are now back with the links to pages of bears made by other bear artists using Barbara-Ann hand dyed mohair. The links pages to artists, suppliers and other links are also back now.

September 2005

We have just added some new bears to the website which you can see by clicking here. We'll be at the Telford Teddy Bear Fair on Sunday (2nd October) with new bears, mohair and kits.

16th September 2005

We've had to completely overhaul our website as it was becoming unstable to the point where we couldn't update it anymore, we're just adding the new bears to the website now and then we'll be going over the other pages. Please keep checking back and we'll have the whole thing up and running again soon, hopefully better than ever.

Sorry for any inconvenience

Barbara and Andy



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