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Welcome to our Teddy Bear Kits page. We have received a lot of enquiries over the years from people who would like to make their own Barbara-Ann Bear and now we have finally done something about it and have eight kits available to make your own one of a kind bear. As all the mohair is unique to each kit you will definitely be making your own one of a kind artist bear.

Each one of a kind kit is made from unique pieces of hand dyed mohair, together with matching paw pad material, beautiful hand painted eyes and nose threads. They come complete with patterns and full instructions, with diagrams for the trickier bits. You need to have or buy, needles, you'll need some longer doll maker's needles for putting the eyes in and we use longish (size 18) darners for sewing the nose, sewing thread and stronger button thread to match the colour of the mohair, plus stuffing material usually polyester and pellets, and the joints, I am happy to supply these but I don't include them with my kits as a matter of course as you my have them already and it would just put the cost up unnecessarily.

We also have a new range of traditional teddy bear kits, made with traditional German mohair, pads and boot button eyes.

If you feel that you need some personal help in making your bear I can offer teddy bear making workshops either on a one to one or group basis. Please click here for more details

One of a Kind Hand Dyed Teddy Bear Kits

Please click on the the photos below to go to the teddy bear kits individual pages.

  Ozzie Hand Dyed Mohair Teddy Bear Kit
click here to see the Fruitcake teddy bear kit
Baby Brou teddy bear kit
Baby Brou
Kerfuffle Teddy Bear Kit Kerfuffle Brouhaha Teddy Bear Kit
Fiery FredFiery Fred
Little Archie
Wee Smutley
Klaus Kit
Orlando, a kit for the IDEX show

Big Archie
Mini Muggins Kit
Mini Muggins
Muggins Teddy Bear Kit
Mega Muggin teddy bear kit
Mega Muggins

Pugwangler Tedy Bear Kit

Haycorn Teddy Bear Kit

Big Dave Teddy Bear Kit
Big Dave

Little Steve


Please click on the the photos above to go to the teddy bear kits individual pages.


Traditional Teddy Bear Kits

traditional teddy bear kit
Please click on the photos to go to the traditional kits page


© Barbara-Ann Bears 1990-2011, all kits are for hobby use only, they are not to be used commercially either in the copying and sale of kits or by selling bears made from the kits or the pattern. If you would like to improve your bear making and bear design skills for your business or hobby please come to us for a bear making course, we'd love to help you.

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