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This is where you will find other bear artists we like/love/respect/cherish or feel an affinity towards.

Gregory Gyllenship

Gregory's been making bears meticulously for nearly 20 years, he is rightly famous for his attention to detail and each bear's strong personality and sense of calmness.

Woodland Teddies

Rita makes wonderful hand dyed colourful bears, ranging from the sweet to the wild, she helps a great deal with advice about dyeing and by supplying dye I use for a lot of my mohair and bears


Anke is a very accomplished bear maker and teddy doctor, she is particularly know for her open mouthed bears and loves returning well loved childhood toys to their former glory.

Shantock Bears

Made by Elanor Andrews, a young bear artist who lives just outside London. She makes lovely little bears which are very often themed, such as sailors and cherubs. Her Mum also makes hand knitted teddy clothes.

Do Do Bears

Do Do Bears are really happy bears made in Colchester by Doreen and Jim Pyatt, the name comes from a soft toy of Doreen's granddaughter, they have a website designed by Andy.

Dusty Attic Bears

This is another website designed by Andy. Chloe designs magical and mystical bears that are beautifully made and full of character.

Valewood Bears

Pauline and Charlotte Wood are a mother and daughter team of bear makers from Yorkshire. Charlotte makes little bears while she's not dancing or singing and her Mum makes ones up to 16"(40cm), plus bear clothes and greetings cards. Another hand drawn website from Andy.

Guardian Angel Bears

Susie makes very elegant bears with beautiful hand made wings, bringing together her two great loves, angels and bears. She lives in balmy Cornwall (lucky thing).

Paula Strethill-Smith

Paula and Simon and Strethill-Smith make some of the most charming and beautiful miniature bears in the world, they are now branching out into making "bigger bears" which are still pretty small, but still beautiful.

Something's Bruin

Jill Baxter's been making wonderfully eccentric bears and other animals for many, many years, almost as long as us in fact, she took a break but now she's back, please have a look at all her new creations.

Puca Bears

Multi-award winning bears by Maria Collin, made with lots of fun and character and very often our mohair.

Maja's Bears

Happy, charming artist bears made by Belgian artist with big feet and tummies , see her at Hugglets in Kensington as well as the fairs in Germany.

Keuns and Bears

Karin lives in Belgium and makes bears, keuns (rabbits), teabag bears and sptnks, alien creatures that have their own strange extra terrestrial vehicles.

Bear Bits

Jean and Bill Ashburner have been making their bears since about the same time as me, they're either traditional or realistic in style and made to a very high standard, they have won numerous awards for their bears and they're really nice people too.


Teddy Bears by Marie-Christine Twardy, a really nice website with lots of fun and interesting features. Marie-Christine makes sweet yet wacky bears in Bavaria, Germany, all of them have just one toe.

Annette Rauch

We've known Annette for many years and have quite a few of her bears including a coconut bear, a conker bear and a specially commissioned bagpipe bear in the Cunningham tartan. All her creations are beautiful little works of art.

Bocs Teganau

Sue Schoen, the original Welsh Bear Artist, the first bear that I bought for Andy was Taliesin Bach, whatever that means, 'Can I have some loo paper?' I expect.

Rotraud Ilisch

A really talented German bear artist who makes wonderfully realistic bears and an Echidna, impressive!


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